Past Adventures

As a child I had many trips to Germany as my Father worked there.  I loved these holidays, spending a lot of time swimming in lakes, cycling through huge pine forests and enjoying Rügen and Hamburg.  I remember making a friend called Sebastian who used to hang out with me and show me around, his parents were close friends with my Dad.  I recall us all laughing a lot playing games in their garden which one night ended with us wheeling a friends mum back to the house in a wheel barrow, the Schnapps was that strong!

I have also had family holidays to Mallorca, Spain, Ibiza and Disneyworld Florida.  Mallorca is such a lovely island and I always enjoyed the holidays to Spain with a big group of my Fathers friends and their families. Disney world is amazing of course, the waterparks were great but the one we went to the most, River Country is sadly closed down!  

In my teenage years I went to three different party destinations, Malia in Crete, Magaluf and Ibiza.  I had a great time on all of these trips but I wouldn’t call them cultural or adventurous.  Just a lot of fun!  My favourite place for that kind of holiday was Ibiza, a mixture of cheap bars but also really amazing clubs to go to.  The beaches are great and there are so many hotels to choose from, if I ever go again I would love to stay at Ushuaia in Playa d’En Bossa.

Im lucky enough to have experienced three different festivals so far too, Download 2007, Reading 2009 and Rock Werchter 2010.  They are all quite different to each other, for me rock werchter was the most exciting as it meant travelling to Belgium and spending a bit of time exploring Brussels before we went to the festival.  The heat was almost unbearable though with very little shade and an extremely hot tent!  

Reading festival was great fun but I often felt uncomfortable with my surroundings, I witnessed a lot of fights, got very crushed during Prodigy’s performance (granted this is to be a little expected and I usually would not mind but this was extreme) and my friends had their tent cut into on the last night putting a bit of a downer on the weekend.  Download festival on the other hand was amazing and I can not fault it except for the long drops being gross obviously.  Everyone was super friendly and I just had a really great time.  Bring on Glastonbury 2019, fingers crossed its great too!

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